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Do you offer your services to practices in country Victoria?

We are happy to travel to country regions of Victoria. Contact us so that we can determine the best method of managing your practice needs for you.

Do you offer your services interstate?

We are happy to travel interstate to manage your practice needs. Contact us so that we can determine the best method of managing your practice needs for you.

What if I only need you for one aspect of the service you offer?

It is entirely up to you as to how you utilise our services. You decide what you would like addressed in your practice and we will do just that.

What if I would like an evaluation done, but want to do the work in stages?

When we have determined your objectives and evaluated your practice we provide a plan of what needs to be done to reach your goals. In order to reach your objectives as quickly as possible we prioritise procedures/tasks that need to be dealt with and create a strategic framework (including time frames) for your practice. It is entirely up to you how and when you implement this strategy, and it can certainly be broken down to progress over a period of time that suits you and your budget.

Do you perform the work suggested or is that left up to me?

We are certainly able to perform the work we suggest. We may suggest that you outsource some areas of work to professionals in that field (ie: website management), or ideally we would train your staff in the preparation and ongoing management of strategies that can be handled in house (ie: procedures manual). Contact us to find out more.

Are you able to find me staff or outsource work to others?

With our broad business network we can either manage all aspects of staff management and training or outsource to other providers as necessary or agreed upon by you. Alternatively, we can provide contacts for you to utilise in the future.

What if I have an evaluation and decide not to go ahead with your recommendations?

It is entirely up to you as to how you implement the recommendations suggested after evaluation. You are not bound to have us perform the work for you.

My staff are a little unsure or feel threatened by you coming into the practice. How do I manage this?

At Streamline Your Practice our goal is to enhance your practice by providing efficient and effective methods of practice management, but at the same time ensuring your staff feel safe and not at all threatened by our presence. Our aim is to provide support to your staff and empower and encourage a positive work environment. We are very good at reinforcing to your staff that we are ‘allies’ not ‘enemies’!

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