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Procedure and policies guidelines are a pivotal tool for any healthcare practice. They should be well written, effective and easily accessible by all members of the practice. They provide the basis for pro-active risk management, governance and compliance.

Procedure and policy writing within a practice is often thought of as unnecessary as the ongoing requirement of updating these regularly is deemed time inefficient. As the practice changes or grows so does the number of procedures and policies that need to be written. With new policies and procedures being written regularly this can lead to a multitude of often redundant and useless procedures and policies. Procedure and policy writing is important to the ongoing stability, functionality and success of any practice. A well written procedures/policies guide is an extremely useful tool in any practice, and provides a pivotal point of resource for team members, particularly new staff to the practice. Procedures and policies need to be revised regularly and should be simple and professional. The procedure and policy writing within a practice is often left to the Practice Manager/Team Leader to implement and maintain, but this does not have to be the case. Author the procedures to the various team members within the practice. Encourage your team to revise their authored procedure on a regular basis discarding outdated procedures and policies and writing new procedures and policies when required.

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