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Streamline Your Practice offer various Workshop modules suitable to the medical practice. We can customise workshops to suit your needs. Speak to us to see whether we can design a workshop that would aid in achieving an objective for your practice. Workshops can be run for any number of people and are often a great motivational session for your staff and/or consultants. They can be driven by the needs of the practice and may include topics such as:

  • Effective communication for your staff – written and oral communication between your staff and patients or other health care professionals or between your team members.
  • Leadership and Management – Who are your leaders? Who are your Managers? Are they different? How do you empower leadership or/and management in the team you have?
  • V-V- M (Values, Vision, Mission) – What are your values? Do they align with all medical professionals/team within your practice? Do your Vision and Mission statements take your values into account?
  • Brainstorming – Teach your team the art of brainstorming as a group. This is an addictive workshop that gets everybody energised!
  • Team Motivation – Obtain drive, initiative and empower your staff by encouraging them to work together.
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